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Calligraphy tshirts in Pakistan

Mounir Fatnassi is a Tunisian graffiti/calligraphy artist. He has collaborated with www.penguin.pk on calligraphy tees; which are really cool and unique tshirt designs. Probably, the best calligraphy tees in Pakistan.

You may want to see the calligraphy tshirts. Listed in cool art section of the Penguin T-shirts menu.
calligraphy five penguin.pk
Talk to you never - girl

Typography t-shirts on www.penguin.pk

Simple things are rare to be ignored. Message is conveyed easily when it is simple and straight. Even with tshirts designs, I find plain text more attractive. I don't know if it is the pop culture to wear simple typography t-shirts or not. But to satisfy my own ego, I have typography designs on www.penguin.pk.

Customised t-shirts on www.penguin.pk

Now offering customised t-shirts on www.penguin.pk. Customised t-shirts are available in names, horoscope, age and birth year. You simply have to fill the relevant field and that's it.
customised name tshirt penguin.pk
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